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vastu_officeVastu for office determines the efficiency of the work inside the office premises. Vastu principles help in the arrangement of office desk and office seating. Office is a place that has to be designed with the right procedural practice, as it gives an unbiased movement in work. If an office space is not designed as per the right vastu principles, then there will never be any balanced workout and progress. An office room that is designed without following the vastu principle will be less effective with effortless employees, disabled workman, owner might lose the power to manage or control his staffs, which leads to failure. Pursuing the vastu standards for office will ensure effective and efficient workout, and thereby proves to be a valuable asset to the company and much more.
Vastu for offices includes several different factors such as right office setup, office exteriors with respect to shape, slope, direction of various departments, location of the reception, placement of electrical gadgets, position of office desk, and many more. Apart from these, there are several other factors that you must take into your consideration about vastu for office. They are as follows:

The direction of the office entrance way
The right direction of the placement beams
The right direction to fix the doors and windows
The right direction and setup of the owner room
The right direction for the employees to work

Set your office as per these vastu tips. It is sure that you will progress in all aspects of your work.


happy homeBuilding a house as per the vastu norms is very much essential because it brings congruent balance amidst assorted atmospheric natural energies including cosmic energy, solar energy, lunar energy, and much more.

Vastu for house involves several important traits, which depicts unique style in building every room of your home.

Constructing a house by closely sticking with the vastu principles will greatly bring peace, success, and opulence to the dwellers residing in the home.

Moreover, a good vastu shastra will drive away the negative powers and brings holiness abode.

While constructing a house you need to mainly apply the principles of vastu for kitchen, pooja room, bedroom, and bathroom/toilet.


Elephants are also used as knowledge and academic luck for children. If you want your child to do well academically, place an elephant and a crystal globe on their desk or where they sit to do their homework.

Single Marble handicraft Elephant:-

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Place a pair of elephants with their trunks up the front door to bring good fortune and strength to the family.


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Women trying to conceive must board western side of house which is referred as functional and favourable room for couples.

Even newly wed couples can take Western room which is considered most favorable.

Staying in vibrant environment is important for pregnant women and keeping fresh flowers in the rooms including bedroom and dinning room is important and helpful.

Always sleep on the left side of husband and while stepping down from the bed keep right foot first on the land.

Avoid wearing colors black, dark red, orange etc. during pregnancy because such colors are indicative of lunar and solar currents.

Pregnant women should only wear subtle and light colors including green, blue, white and yellow.

Do not sit in dark and bleak rooms, their must be some light in rooms your sit.

Try to read influencing and motivational books including ancient holy texts.

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