Colors enhance nearly every aspect of our lives – improving our moods and stimulating our minds & thereby increasing our effectiveness at work, & thus creating better physical and mental health.
Wise arrangement of colors helps to increase happiness, enhance wealth, and overall peace & harmony.
Colors also can harmonize and balance our energy and thus improve our life and destiny. Adding a new color to an environment can stimulate a positive or negative response.
If you select a color that harmonizes with your energy then you will flourish. If the color clashes with your mood, that color will irritate you.
Whatever we look upon and see through our eyes will, through our optic nerve, send sensory signals to our body, to react to what our eyes see. So the colors of everything our eyes come in contact will influence our temperament, physical movements, language and thoughts – in short, our lives.
Five elements of nature, i.e., Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Space are responsible for generating positive and negative energies. These elements are also associated with colors, seasons, directions and organs.
For example, the elements –
‘Fire’ is associated with red, summer, the south, the heart.
‘Earth’ positioned at the center, stands for yellow, oranges, or brown, mid-autumn, etc. and the liver.
‘Air’ is blue autumn, north and the lungs and gall bladder it gets), winter, the west, and the kidneys.
‘Space’ is shapeless, colorless and has North-East direction effects mind and cells.
A rainbow sighted in the east indicates fine weather, while to the west it means rain. A red sky in the morning will foretell an afternoon shower, while a red sky at night will mean a clear sky. A halo around the moon indicates wind.

General interpretations of colors proposed for improving ‘Vastu’ of a building-
Purple – It is said to inspire respect.

Yellow- Yellow gives a sense of tolerance, patience, and wisdom gained from past experience.

Green – Green represents Tranquility, Hope, and Freshness. In plants and vegetation, green indicates good and healthy earth energies.

Blue – Blue is a cold, secondary and mourning color

Black – On the positive side, black – or any dark color – gives a feeling of depth, both in mood and perspective. Yet black indicates a Lack of Hope, and it may make us feel “Dark” low and Depressed

Gray – To some, gray, is like a dismal cloudy day, key notes Frustration and Hopelessness.To others, it is positive and signifies Balance and the Resolution

Brown – Brown gives us a heavy feeling; the color can be used to create a stable, established impression and a sense of the passage of time. It symbolizes the Depth and Elegance

Orange – Orange, as a mixture of red and yellow and yellow, is Auspicious and is imbued with the characteristics of Happiness and Power

Pink – Pink represents Love and Pure Feelings, Joy, Happiness, and Romance

Peach – It is the color representing Attraction and Love


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